Flushmate Settlement

A settlement has been reached involving the Flushmate III Pressure Assist Flushing System (Flushmate System).  Flushmate Systems were installed in various toilet brands, including:  American Standard, Crane, Ecotech, Eljer, Gerber, Kohler, Mancesa, Mansfield, Orion, St. Thomas, Universal Rundle, Vitra, Bitromex, and Western Pottery toilets.

The settlement provides money to commercial, residential and other property owners and residential consumers who have incurred, or will incur reimbursed out-of-pocket expenses for the installation of:

1) a Flushmate Repair Kit

2) a replacement pressure vessel

3) a replacement toilet.

The settlement also reimburses property owners for damage cause by a Flushmate System that leaked or burst.  You can obtain further information and materials by visiting www.FlushmateClaims,com or calling 877-412-5277.

A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit about the Series 503 Flushmate III Pressure Assist Flushing System (Flushmate System).  You may be eligible for cash payments from a proposed $18 million settlement.  The money compensation is in addition to the Flushmate System recall remedy you may have received and may request from Flushmate as part of its recall program.  The settlement includes anyone who owns or owned a toilet with a Flushmate System manufactured from October 14, 1997 through June 30, 2009.  Flushmate Systems were installed in various toilet brands sold at Home Depot and Lowe’s stores and through distributors and plumbing contractors.  Depending on the number of qualified claims, it is possible that Class Members will receive less than the full amount of their out-of-pocket expenses.  To the extent not previously reimbursed, Class Members call also receive reimbursement for any direct property damage caused by a Flushmate System that leaked or burst.  Any money left in the Settlement Fund after two years will be divided among Class Members who file valid claims or will be donated to a charitable organization.  How Can I Get a Payment  File a claim online at www.FlushmateClaims.com or call 877-412-5277.  (For questions related to the Flushmate Recall, please visit www.flushmate.com or www.flushmate.com/recall.)  What Are My Rights?  Even if you do nothing you will be bound by the Court’s decisions.  If you want to keep your right to sue the Defendants yourself, you must exclude yourself from the Settlement Class by July 25, 2014.  If you stay in the Settlement Class, you may object to the Settlement by July 30, 2014.  The Court will hold a hearing on August 25, 2014 to consider whether to approve the Settlement and a request for attorneys’ fees of up to 25% of the Settlement Fund, plus reimbursement of attorneys’ costs and expenses.  You or your own lawyer may appear at the hearing at your own expense.