Main Line Stoppages

Main Line Machine

When we determine that a customer has a “main line stoppage’, the first thing that comes to mind is do you have a main line clean out. What is that? It is a plug of 3-4” in diameter with a raised head. Usually found near a toilet, could be in an adjacent wall or in the ground outside, if you have a pool, usually located within 2 feet of the pool “p-trap”. Possibly, you have had one installed in the ground between the house and the street if tree roots are a constant problem. This allows us a chance to adequately clean your main line with the proper size blade. Without one, we may have to reduce the blade size down to a single blade which is definitely not adequate, but might be the only thing we can do in your circumstance. If you have reoccurring main line stoppage, consider having one installed.

Drain Cleaners

Instead of wasting your money on Drain Cleaners, ┬átry bleach. ┬áBleach can be your friend, not only in cleaning your white clothes, […]