Drain Cleaners

Instead of wasting your money on Drain Cleaners, ┬átry bleach. ┬áBleach can be your friend, not only in cleaning your white clothes, but in keeping certain drains cleaned. Drains that collect soap and hair, primarily the shower, tub and lavatory, can be helped by an occasional use of bleach down the drain. How much is dependent on your particular circumstance. For drains that have very little occurrence of stoppage, maybe one cup every month. Drains that have more frequent stoppages, possibly 2 cups every couple of weeks. What the bleach does is break up soap and hair. So, about 10-15 minutes after the bleach, run large amounts of water to push the debris down the line. Should that debris get caught on it’s way down the line, you might encounter a complete stoppage. If this is the case, give Drain Rite Plumbing a call to push it all the way down to the main line.

Main Line Machine

Main Line Stoppages

When we determine that a customer has a “main line stoppage’, the first thing that comes to mind is do you have […]